Stop sacrificing your health to bring wedding dreams to life!

Helping wedding professionals stay focused and healthy with science-backed nutrition and lifestyle strategies tailored to your individual needs as a wedding professional.


The wedding industry is fast-paced and stressful.

How you maintain energy to get through long work weekends can be simple.

Feel confident in your energy levels and empowered prioritizing your health.

The SHINE Method teaches you how to eat the foods you love to refuel &  helps you prevent further wedding industry burnout.  

 The Energized Wedding Pro Blog shares recipes and strategies on how to increase energy & prioritize your health.


Former Wedding Florist turned Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

I believe that Wedding Pros deserve to use food to boost their energy and prioritize health without the side of guilt.  

I help burnt out Wedding Pro’s just like you learn how to turn the never ending to-do list into a supportive tool.  A tool that not only creates wedding magic, but more importantly creates a healthier and more balanced lifestyle for the long-haul—no burn out included.  

You deserve to feel confident in your food choices and empowered priortizing your health. 

Feel re-energized and fulfilled, again, bringing the wildest wedding dreams to life.  

Have your *wedding* cake and eat it too! 

“If you’re thinking about working with Sunshine Dietitian, think no more and take the leap! Amanda truly took my food stress away and helped me start practicing self-care in a way that felt aligned for me for the first time in my life. I promise it’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make; for yourself & for your business.

Rebecca S. – Wedding Florist, Chicago, IL

“Amanda was not only incredibly energetic and professional, she has given my entire staff and I the utmost confidence in not only our food choices but in our business practices too. We feel completely reenergized this year, continuing to bring wedding photography dreams to life more energetically than ever before!”

MATT K. – Wedding Photographer, New York, NY

“Amanda is energetic, knowledgeable & she is literally always smiling! It’s hard not to feel happy around her! Amanda not only helped improve my relationship with food but she restored my love for life and am now thriving in my wedding planning business!”

Anna F. – Wedding Planner, Smithtown, NY